Bus from Tavroitis to Makrigialos Crete

by Jane

On the 18th of October we want to leave Tavroitis for Makrigialos, as it it such a long trip we would like to leave on the first bus from Tavronitis.

Could you please send me an itinerary of the times of the buses and the connections we will need to take to arrive in Makrigialos.

Can you also let me know if I need to go to bus station A or B in Heraklion?

Bus Itinerary for Travel in Crete

Hi Jane,

The 18th of October is a Saturday. The first leg of your trip will be the local bus route Kissamos to Chania, which passes by Tavronitis. The current timetables on the KTEL website show that the first bus to leave from Kissamos on that route is 6.00am on a Saturday. You may need to phone KTEL to check about the schedule for October and exactly what time this bus will pass by Tavronitis. This bus will arrive into Chania at 7.15 am.

The next leg of your trip will be the bus from Chania to Rethymnon. There is a bus departing at 7.30am and another at 8.30. The travel time is one hour. The next leg is Rethymnon to Heraklion, generally you can take the same bus all the way through and there is no need to get off in Rethymnon, check when buying your ticket in Chania. Either way the bus departs Rethymnon for Heraklion at 8.45 am and 9.45 am. The travel time is 90 minutes.

You will arrive at Bus Station A in Heraklion at 10.15 am or 11.15 am.

The next leg of your journey will be the bus from Heraklion to Agios Nikolaos. These buses leave from Bus Station A at 10.45, and the trip takes 90 minutes. You will arrive in Agios Nikolaos at 11.45 am

You will have time for lunch here.

The next leg of your journey will be the bus from Agios Nikolaos to Ierapetra. This bus leaves at 13.15 - it important to catch this leg. The trip takes 1 hour so you will arrive at 14.15.

The next leg of your journey will be the bus from Ierapetra to Makrigialos – the next bus on a Saturday leaves at 14.30. This is cutting it fine so you need to make sure you catch this one, the next one is not until 18.30.

The final leg has two options the bus Ierapetra – Ferma – Makrigialos – Lithines – Sitia (14.30)
Ierapetra – Ferma – Koutsouras – Makrigialos (14.30 and 18.30) This takes about 30 mins

If you catch all your connections you will arrive in Makrigialos around 3.00 pm on Saturday afternoon, if you miss one you will be able to take the later bus and arrive about 7.00 pm that evening.

You will arrive and depart from Bus Station A in Heraklion.

Kalo Taxidi! Bon Voyage

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