Mykonos Restaurant Tips

Mykonos Restaurant Tips

Below we feature three different restaurants in the Chora or town of Mykonos. Each will give you a unique experience in this stylish Cycladic town.

Restaurants & Tavernas...

View from Leto

For great views over the old port and an upscale dining experience, try the Leto Restaurant. Part of the Leto Hotel, one of the oldest in Mykonos, this restaurant is used by guests and visitors alike who love the garden setting and proximity to the water, as well as the romantic views. Located on the road out of town, just 3 minutes walk from the town and port.

With wonderful reviews on the food and service, this restaurant has been open since 1998 and maintains its famous reputation. Best described as modern Greek cuisine - try a fresh salad with nuts from Crete, ripe tomatoes, cream cheese, leeks and olive oil. For main course choose from grilled fish fillet with mint leaves and lemon, or risotto with fresh zucchini and saffron. Book early in summer.


Lotus in the lane wayLotus Restaurant

The most atmospheric lane ways of Matogianni are home to some stylish eateries such as super cool Lotus Restaurant, 47 Matogianni, with a well-deserved reputation and favourite of locals and visitors. Greek fusion cuisine, the bouganvillea drapes overhead. Check the reviews but do not miss out on the very essence of a Mykonos Chora experience.

Lotus Restaurant


Casa di Giorgio - Italian

Behind catholic church is a stylish Italian cuisine at Casa di Giorgio, at Mitropoleos 1. We love our pizza. No one can say we haven't done our pizza homework. Even in Mykonos we can enjoy pizza, who said we couldn't? Did the Greeks invent pizza? We loved this place nestled in behind the little cute with its white on white decor and grey and white flagstones. And so close to Little Venice and the windmills. Makes a good change from Greek cuisine and the pasta is fresh made on the premises. See reviews for yourself...

Casa di Giorgio at night

Mykonos Restaurant Locations...

Here is a Mykonos map with restaurants marked:


For more on Mykonos accommodation see our page, and for tips on visiting the town this page is packed with information. Visit Chora as the town is known, with it's white stena or narrow lanes, visit Matoyianni, enjoy the sea view from Little Venice and gaze at the windmills. Visit world class jewellery studios and boutiques. Dance the night away or enjoy a quiet drink in one of the many cafe bars.

Mykonos Dreaming...

Below are some beautiful Mykonos images: 

Fishing Nets in Old Port

Meltemi Windmill, whtie clad with straw roof

Old Port, colours on the water

Mykonos green door

Church near Little Venice, Mykonos (image by We Love Crete)

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