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Travel Greece from Crete to many other islands. It is as easy as one ferry ride or a short plane ride. Island-hopping has never been so easy... we love exploring the Greek islands...and we know many of you do too...

Travel to the Greek Islands with insider tips

Here we show you some of our favourite places in Greece, close to Crete and further away, with plenty of tips of what to see and where to stay...

Crete to Santorini

Crete to Santorini - ferries, flights and more. How to enjoy a visit to Santorini from Crete.

Santorini Accommodation - we have chosen some great places to stay in Santorini, for different budgets.

Crete to Kythera

Crete to Kythera - how to get to this small island to the north-west of Crete, and exploring the island.

Karpathos Island Greece (image by Ufoncz)

Crete to Karpathos - all you may need for visiting this wonderful rugged island to the east of Crete.

Crete to Rhodes - the romantic colours of the old town at night (image by Limntheu)

Crete to Rhodes - how to get to this island in the Dodecanese, and exploring the island.

Rhodes Accommodation - old laneway

Rhodes Accommodation - how to choose wonderful quality hotels in the magnificent central old town of Rhodes...

Restaurants in the old town of Rhodes

Rhodes Restaurants - explore the restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs of Rhodes...

Ermoupolis harbour, Syros

Syros Island - this beautiful Cycladic island has a rich history and relaxed summer feel...

Galissas Beach Accommodation on Syros Island, Greece

Syros Accommodation - beautiful neoclassical mansions converted into boutique hotels, stylish and characteristic of this cosmopolitan island...

Syros, Azolimnos Beach

Syros Beaches - where to visit great sandy beaches on Syros...

Ermoupolis - Town Hall

Map of Syros - travel to Syros island...

Crete to Mykonos - white island architecture against a blue sky

Mykonos - home of bright light, sandy beaches and beautiful white-washed streets, this beautiful island in the Cyclades is full of surprises...

Mykonos Accommodation - where to stay close to the centre of town...

Mykonos Accommodation - where to stay close to the centre of town...

Mykonos Restaurant Tips - where to eat close to the centre of town...

Mykonos Restaurant Tips - where to eat close to the centre of town...

A quiet village street in Amorgos, Greece
Crete to Skopelos

Crete to Amorgos - a quiet, beautiful island in the Cyclades, perfect for relaxing days by the beach...

Skopelos Island - in the Cylades, where the movie Mamma Mia was filmed...

This is the budget symbol

Greece Budget Travel - plenty of options for travelling cheaply in Athens and Greece...

A boat in Hydra harbour, Greece

Hydra Island - peace and quiet in a magnificent harbour...

Hydra hotels and guesthouses within walking distance to the old port

Hydra Hotels & Guesthouses - just walking distance from the Greece with all the info...

Travel Greece by Ferry

Ferries in the Greek Islands

Q&A for Ferries to Greek Islands from Turkey - how to travel from various ports in Turkey to Greek Islands - how to get from Turkey to Crete by ferry... ask YOUR question about ferries and read other travellers' questions and answers...

Taso says

"Every Greek island has a story to tell, we explore the individuality of the island and share her essence with you."

The Greek Islands

The fast ferry from Heraklion port to Santorini Thira takes 2 hours

Including Crete in your Greek Island holiday is easy as there are flights and ferries between Chania port and airport and Heraklion port and airport.

One of the most common ways to start island-hopping is to take the fast ferry from Heraklion to Santorini - a journey of only 2 hours (above).

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