Fodele Village

Shady, Cool, Revitalising

Fodele Φόδελε is a charming village 30 km west of Heraklion on the island of Crete in Greece. It is set back a little inland from the coast. In fact, it is on the river in a lush green valley, and known for its shade and greenery. Fódele Beach, 4 km from the village, is a small beach resort.

See the location of this village on the handy map below...

Orange Flower in the shady valley

The village is set in a valley full of groves of oranges, lemons and mandarins. Everything grows here, but most of all the oranges, their scent and bright colours bursting all over the valley. The river Pandomandri flows throughout the year.

Many locals come to eat at tavernas by the running waters of the river, under the shade-giving platanos trees.

Don't miss the walkway by the river, enjoy the shady cool drossia and relax by the soothing waters.

Byron Ayanoglu, an international chef, tells of his experiences whilst living in this village in his book The Taste of Honey, about his return to Crete from Canada.

Fodele Village - main square (image by dchris)Cool, shady main street of Fodele

Famous Son...

El Greco - Domenikos Theotokopoulos - self portrait

El Greco, Domenikos Theotokopoulos was born in Fódele in 1541. A renaissance painter who came to fame in Spain, he studied in Greece and Italy before establishing his reputation in Toledo and staying there until his death in 1614.

A plaque from the University of Valladolid honouring Theotokopulos is prominent in the main street of the village. There is also the Museum of El Greco in the house said to be his birthplace. El Greco is honoured on our pages about notorious Cretans.

Historic Church...

Byzantine church of Agia Panagia (image by Stavros Markopoulos)

The Byzantine church of Agia Panagia (above) from 11th Century and the Monastery of Agios Panteleimon are also interesting highlights of visiting this pretty village, where much of the history of Kríti is encapsulated.

Beaches Nearby

The small cove of Fodele Beach is 3 km from the village, and is dominated by a large family resort with water park, as well as the national road which is routed directly next to the beach. A little to the west and 8 km from the village are the three Korakia Beaches, a bit close to the refuse station, so no good for swimming.

A short drive away is Agia Pelagia Beach, with Mononaftis, Psaromoura, Kladissos and Agia Pelagia beaches close together and Ligari and Mades Beaches are slightly to the east. Wonderful beaches to choose from everyday and everything you could want from a Greek seaside village. One of our favourite seaside bar cafes is Almyra - below.

To the east again are the ruins of a Venetian fort at Paleokastro.

Almyra Cafe Bar in Agia Pelagia - right by the waterAlmyra Cafe Bar - Agia Pelagia Beach

Where to stay...

There are plenty of accommodation options in the village and at Fodele Beach, with resorts, domatia and apartments. Nearby Agia Pelagia Beach and coves has plenty of accommodation, if you are looking for accommodation inland, the village of Achlada has some good places to stay.

Map of Villages of Crete...

Here you will see the location of the village in Crete.

Images of Fodele...

Below are some more beautiful images of the village and Agia Pelagia church.

Byzantine church of Agia Panagia (image by Silvia de Munck)
Orange tree

Museum of El GrecoMuseum of El Greco

Byzantine church of Agia Panagia (image by Elisa Triolo)

Byzantine church of Agia Panagia - rock wall detail (image by Elisa Triolo)

Byzantine church of Agia Panagia - rock and window detail (image by Elisa Triolo)

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