Greek Olive Oil

Good for Health

Greek Olive Oil - in addition to tasting great, this golden liquid is rich in monounsaturated fats and can decrease the risk of heart disease.

For our readers we have some beautiful olive oil products for sale below.

Greek Olive Oil

Stone Milled Organic Extra Virgin - Biolea's Olive Oil with olives harvested from estate olive groves in Kolymbari in Crete.

Olive Oil Stone Milled with Fresh Lemons - Biolea's Olive Oil Stone Milled with Fresh Lemons consists of Koroneiki olives harvested from Astrikas estate olive groves in Crete, stone milled and cold pressed together with locally grown fresh lemons. This fabulous oil explodes with zesty lemon aroma and a lasting aftertaste of freshly crushed lemons.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Crete 500ml by TerraCreta - This Extra Virgin Olive Oil not only bears all the positive characteristics of olive oil, but, along with its certification of quality and origin, it is produced from olive trees that are cultivated exclusively with traditional methods, devoid of chemical substances and fertilizers. And as such, it further bears the seal of the Greek government as to its biological cultivation through The Greek Organization for the Certification of Organic Products.

Greek Olive Oil

Organic Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml by Taste of Crete - Certified as organic by the European Union, Taste of Crete Organic Olive Oil is made from the famous Koroneiki olives of Crete. Handpicked and pressed almost immediately, these olives create an oil of exceptional flavor and quality. Like all Taste of Crete oils, this organic oil carries the PDO - Protected Designation of Origin - seal. This is a highly coveted status given by the European Union to identify food products that due to traditional processing techniques, local climate, or particular indigenous plant life are unique to a given area. As the PDO seal suggests, this oil from the Kolymvari area of Western Crete is made using traditional methods, little changed in hundreds of years. Olive oil is the backbone of the healthy Cretan diet. Our Taste of Crete Organic Olive Oil will be your path to healthier eating. Use it in salads with vinegar or lemon juice, on steamed vegetables, drizzled over fish, or as a tasty base for sauces and dips.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml - 2 bottles by Aria - Made in Crete, Greece, Aria extra virgin olive oil comes from the sun-rich soil and sea-salt air in which olives are nurtured to perfection. This delicious, first cold pressed olive oil is harvested when the olive just turns green to capture the freshness of the fruit. A winner of National Association for the Specialty Food Trade (NASFT) "Outstanding Olive Oil", Aria Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a fine example of the freshness and purity of premium quality Greek olive oil.

The Secret of Good Health - Olive Oil By Nikos and Maria Psilakis - 150 recipes 175 pages. This book will give you a great overview of the history of olive oil and some of the many ways it has been used through the centuries in addition to it being a vital food source. It goes into depth about the studies on the diet of Crete and how healthy  its inhabitants are in relation to other countries. It then covers how olive oil is made, the right way to store and use it in cooking. Last but not least, there are 150 recipes using olive oil, from sauces/dips, main dishes to sweets. Cook Greek food from one of the great Greek cookbooks by two Cretan writers.