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Greece Images - the landscapes and cultural milieu of Greece provide rich opportunities for exploration and discovery. The centuries of history, the diversity of dynasties that have made their mark here, and the present day ease of access, all contribute to the world's fascination with Greece. Below we have chosen some of the most iconic or beautiful photos of the Ellada that we know.

Greece Images - Crete - Balos Lagoon (image by Alberto Perdomo)

Crete - Balos Lagoon

Balos Lagoon

is in the north-west of Crete, on the tip of an untouched peninsula near Gramvousa Islet. Wild, rugged, surrounded by sparse rocky terrain, this is the place to find the wind in your hair.

Athens Acropolis - Caryatides (image by JT Stewart)

Athens Acropolis - Caryatides

The Caryatides

sit atop the Acropolis in Athens looking over the city as they have done for centuries. These statues date from 421 BC and are found in The Erectheion, a temple to the north of the Parthenon. The word caryatid is now used to mean any statue that takes place of a column in this style, and examples can be seen in architecture all around the world. It is thought that the name comes from beautiful maidens of Greece, from a village named Karyes.

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Lindos Rhodes (image by Stefan Edberg)

Lindos Village - Rhodes

Lindos Village

is on the east coast of the island of Rhodes in the Dodecanese. This idyllic village sits protected, in the saddle between a hilltop and two beautiful bays. On the hilltop, or acropolis, have been built a succession of structures over many centuries. The ruins now look down over the small, stylish and cosmopolitan village, blending architectural styles and dynasties which tell the story of the history of Greece.

Delphi Greece - Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia (image by Andrew Baldwin)

Delphi Greece - Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia

The Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia

sits at Mount Parnassus in the mainland of Greece, and is part of the ruins of the famous Delphi. Dating from 380 BC these three reconstructed Doric columns come from the tholos or domed structure that originally consisted of 20 such columns. This site is only one of many ancient ruins at Delphi; this setting with magnificent views is inspiring and intriguing. As the oracle was visited by many travellers, it is possible to see how dedicated they must have been to cross these mountains to seek guidance here.

Arkadi Monastery in Crete (image by Nikos P)

Arkadi Monastery in Crete

The Monastery of Arkadi in Rethymnon, Crete is still today a working monastery. The beautiful cathedral shown here has been rebuilt after damage in the rebellion of 1866, when many hundreds of Cretan men, women and children died here. The monastery was a refuge for freedom fighters, whose story shocked the world and still reminds us of their strength and bravery.

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Greece Images - Crete

Crete - Chania (image by Romtomtom)

Crete - Old Town of Chania

The Old Town of Chania, Crete is one of the treasures of Greece. Narrow laneways dotted with different architectural styles show the complex history of the island. Many beautiful homes have now been restored and house modern studios or guesthouses, jewellery workshops or boutiques. The maze-like streets of this quarter of Chania are a delight to explore, just a stone's throw from the harbour.

Crete - Elafonisi Beach (image by Wolfgang Staudt)

Crete - Elafonisi Beach

In the far south-west of Crete sits Elafonisi Beach which is a protected natural area, free from development and frantic hustle bustle. The crystalline waters, snow-white sand that glows pink at times, the numerous islets and rocky quays make for an extraordinarily beautiful beach.

Mykonos - Matogianni

Mykonos - Matogianni

This is one of the Greece images best viewed through sunglasses! The cubed white village of Mykonos is now one of the most visited and cosmopolitan centres of Greece. With restaurants, bars and discos, late night DJ parties and the young and beautiful from all over the world, the tiny bright white laneways that once saw donkeys now see party animals at all hours of the day and night! Mykonos does have its quieter side; those that enjoy good food, jewellery, art and fashion can also enjoy it. The narrow streets of Chora and Matogianni are also perfect for romantic strolls, visiting the outdoor cinema or lingering at seaside cafes.

Santorini View (image by Wolfgang Staudt)

Santorini Greece - On High

The result of a dramatic volcanic eruption over 3500 years ago, the upthrust island of Thira – Santorini bursts skywards out of the surreal blue of the Mediterranean. These contrasts of sea blue and sky blue, rocky cliffs and sheer drops, are completely complimented by the stunning white hilltop villages.

Athens – Evzones – Changing of the Guard (image by Emilio Garcia)

Athens – Evzones – Changing of the Guard

Modern Athena teems with life, noise, traffic and chaos. Yet still everyday the soldiers called Evzones complete the changing of the guard ceremony outside the Presidential Palace on Syntagma Square in central Athens. They guard the tomb of the unknown soldier, a symbol of all soldiers who have given their lives in battle. They also guard parliament house and the palace.

The Evzones of Greece have become known because of their unusual traditional dress, which includes a kilt-like foustanella, white stockings with black garters and tassels, and red leather clogs with pompons, called tsarouchia.

It is a high honour to be called to service as an Evzona; these are the elite of the Greek military and command great respect. They even have to stand still and be patient with all the tourists taking photos and making comments whilst they stand guard.

These Greece images will, no doubt, inspire your journey to Greece!

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