Crete Postcards

Crete Postcards

We love taking photos in Crete and Greece. The light is extraordinary. It is very difficult to describe. Many thousands of poets have tried. We won't add our clumsy words here. Suffice to say that the atmosphere is so unique it is difficult to convey even with the very best of images and artwork.

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Our blog pages often carry images of the beautiful flora of Crete by talented nature photographer Andreas Loukakis. Andreas has very generously shared his flora images with us, including species found only on Crete, such as the Sitia Orchid or the Cretan Birthwort.

Our collection on Flickr from all over Crete and Greece, including Syros, celebrates our love of Hellada.

The Art of Crete...

There are also many beautiful artworks from Crete...

The Minoan culture had a very beautiful artistic style which has been discovered in its artefacts and frescoes in the numerous 'palaces' or village sites all over the island. With nature-based themes such as birds and flowers, it seems these were a earth loving peoples. The bee and its abundant gift of honey was beloved and is rendered in different forms.

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Below you will see postcards of:

  • Little Church in Heraklion, Crete
  • Clear Waters of Agia Pelagia, Crete
  • Narrow Laneway in Chania Old Town, Crete
  • Green Lush Grapevines in Heraklion countryside, Crete
  • Light Reflects on a wooden fishing boat, Agios Nikolaos harbour, Crete
  • Deep in the shade of the olive grove, in the Heraklion countryside, Crete
  • An olive branch against a rocky knoll, Crete
  • Narrow village street, white and blue, Crete

Crete Postcards

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Agias Minas
Little Church
Agia Pelagia
Agia Pelagia
Chania Laneway
Colours of the Sea, Crete
Colours of the Sea, Crete
Olive Grove
Olive Grove
Olive Branch
Olive Branch
Village Street
Village Street
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