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Taste of Crete - products such as olive oil

The beauty of the Cretan diet is its simplicity; fresh, natural and pure. No fancy sauces or preparations.

Mix fresh fruit and nuts and vegetables, plenty of olive oil and very little meat. Less sugar and saturated fats. A wine or two. Some raki.

Sounds good!

Proudly, Crete has one of the highest registrations of organic produce in all of Greece, which is a wonderful way of continuing land practices unchanged over hundreds of years and ensuring healthy eating and a healthy planet.

After winter rains, horta wildgreens flourish, and grannies are busy out in the country lanes with their bags collecting the lush dark green 'weeds'. There are actually many different types of horta...getting to know them and how to cook them is one of the pleasures of life in the country of Crete, learning about Cretan food.

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• Biolea Kolymbari Organic Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml, from the Astrakis Estate

• Cretan Thyme Honey from Sfakia By Saviolakis Family

• Dinas Greek Honey Premium Blend with Wildflowers, Thyme & Pine Nectar

• Aria Organic Cretan Olive Oil

• Bravo Greek Style Coffee

Cretan Diet

Whatever your tastes, you will find something wonderful about Cretan food. Is it the atmosphere? Is it the air? The mountains? The soil? The fresh water? The Mediterranean? Is it the farmer or the cook?

This will take a few hours of diálogo dialogue... so let’s pour another wine and discuss...

Dópio local, is a great Greek word to know if you are travelling. It can refer to just about any food or drink or preparation, and ensures your hosts know you want the real thing. Ask for dópio crassi local wine.

View across the Mediterranean with blue raffia chairs in the foreground cafe

At a taverna you could simply say dópio fagitó… local food. Your hosts will know what you mean. At a fishing village of course ask for dópio psári local fish.

Don't forget your Greek coffee...because of course, much of your day in Greece is focussed around the kafe or the kafenion and coffee.

The preparation of the coffee is very important and a source of endless discussion in every household and indeed, every kafenion...of course this is also part of the Cretan diet...

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