What to do in Heraklion

by Lisa

Hi, we are visiting Crete next week and have a couple of questions.

Q1: If we wanted to walk the Samaria Gorge is this too far to do as a day trip from Heraklion?

Q2: We have 5.5 days in Heraklion before we meet up with friends. As the hotel is booked we don't really want to spend more money by staying overnight elsewhere. What do you suggest we do to enjoy our 5 days?

Exploring Heraklion in Crete

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for your query. We have plenty of suggestions as to how to enjoy the town of Heraklion and its surroundings...

Day One
I would suggest spending a day enjoying walking the streets of Heraklion, taking in the harbour, the central markets and the many cafes, tavernas and restaurants. More information and suggestions about walking around Heraklion

During this day you could easily visit the world famous Heraklion museum, or better still you could make a dedicated day for visiting both the site of Knossos and the museum.

Day Two
Visit Knossos, you can catch the bus to and from Knossos, which is 5 km from Heraklion. Or you could take a Knossos day tour, be picked up from your hotel, guided around the Palace and explained the mysteries of ancient Crete, then dropped off at your hotel.

Day Three
Yes, you can walk the Samaria Gorge during your stay. You can do it independently however it is a one-way walk with logistical arrangements that make this a challenge, and it needs time. You can catch the local bus to the entry point of the gorge, and then catch the boat back from the village at the end of the walk, Agia Roumeli, then take another bus back to Heraklion. This is time consuming and not possible to do in one day.

Alternatively, you can take a guided day tour of Samaria Gorge. You will be picked up at your hotel, guided throughout the day, picked up by boat at the south end of the gorge, take a ferry, then get transferred back to your hotel.

Day Four
If the weather is warm enough for the beach or diving, you have a few options. You could spend the day at the beautiful Agia Pelagia, only 20 km from Heraklion, or you could even go diving off Dia island. You can arrange a boat trip from the harbour of Heraklion to this protected, pristine island where you will be able to dive.

Day Five and Other Options
Of course if you hire a car, your options are endless. Car hire information. You could pop into the village of Dafnes (18 km from Iraklion) and try the many local wines on offer in this wine region.

You could drop into Fodele (30 km from Iraklion), the supposed birth-place of El Greco. Here, you can see the hand-made traditional crafts and textiles of Crete made by the local women and perhaps sip a coffee in the old plateia. Or you could visit the Aquaworld Aquarium, or Phaistos or Matala Beach in the south.

Enjoy your time in Crete!

5 days in Herakleio

by Vivi from Zaros

Welcome to Crete,

Know that the bus of Crete offers very good service and tickets are very cheap.

From Heraklion near the port there is a BUS station.

1st day goes in Rethymno. a whole day there. Walk in the old town ... stay for coffee and food go to swim and come back late at the afternoon in Heraklion. (tikets 8,00 euro one way)

2nd day. Take the bus and go to Agios Nicholaos (5,50 euro).Go around the town and From there with another bus visit the village "Kritsa." And come late at night in Heraklion.

3rd day. Stay in Heraklion and Visit Knossos. But before read about the history of the place if you don't do this you'll see only stones. Make a long walk around the city. And visit the market of Herakleio.

4th day. With bus you can go south to Matala or Lentas

Samaria Gorge in Chania I think is not good idea because it is too long with the buses and take several hours to cross the gorge. But if you like to do then "DO IT" you are in Holidays!!!

Have a nice time here in Crete...


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