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We are trying to decide between Mykonos or Crete for our Honeymoon

We are going on our honeymoon and we know that they are very different islands but they both sound fun.

We will be in Santorini for 5 days and would simply like recommendations on whether we should spend the other 5 in Crete or Mykonos (note - we are from Los Angeles)...

We Chose Crete


We were in the same situation - for our honeymoon we went to Athens and Santorini and then it was between Crete and Mykonos. We decided on Crete and have no regrets. We're from San Francisco, by the way.

It depends on what kind of honeymoon you are looking for. If you want to party (like, dance club party) I would recommend Mykonos from what I've heard (though again we did not go there).

We were very in to that scene when we went on our honeymoon, but for our honeymoon we were looking more for relaxation, exploration and charm.

If that is more what you are looking for I heartily recommend Crete. We got an apartment in Chania for one week and did day trips from there to explore different areas, including spending one night in Heraklion (which is great for the Knossos ruins, but if you are not in to ancient ruins I would skip).

So, depends on what you are looking for. We're planning on a second honeymoon 10 years after our first, with Santorini and Crete on the agenda.


Crete or Mykonos Honeymoon

Of course we are biased and will say Crete! Here are some of the reasons why:

• Crete is a large island - lots to explore
• Crete is less touristed, less crowded and less geared to just tourism
• Crete has many more varied beaches
• Crete has mountains, gorges and wild beaches to explore

Mykonos is very beautiful. Some of the best points are:

• bright white architecture
• cosmopolitan feel and dining (Crete too)
• international fashion and jewellery (Crete too)
• close to many other beautiful Cyladic islands (Crete is too)

We think that overall you will spend less on accommodation and meals in Crete, in Mykonos it is very easy to spend a lot of money very quickly.

It is only a 2 hour ferry ride from Crete to Santorini so if you have time, you could visit that island which will give you the experience of a true Cycladic island.

Here is our page about Mykonos Greece

Kalo Taxidi! by Katia from We Love Crete

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