War Museum Episkopi Crete

by Anna

We were lucky to have met Michalis, the owner of the museum, many years ago. On our visit this August we decided to go to see him again. Notices were posted on the museum gate stating that the museum would remain closed until the end of the year due to the death of it's President Michailis.

We later learned that he had died in April 2011 and the museum has been shut since this time.

I can not believe that the Greek government and the people of Crete could allow this to happen.

The museum is packed with many interesting items from the German Occupation of Crete and Michalis himself was recognised as a war hero. He was proud to wear the Cretan traditional dress and it is a priviledge to have known him.

If anyone knows who we can contact to get the museum re-opened I would be pleased to hear from you.

Anonymous comment - He worked hard to keep that place going. What has happened to Cretan patriotism?

Comment by Torsten Welin - Such a disappointment. That museum is just what we are looking for!

Resistance and Museums in Crete

From We Love Crete - It seems the museum is still functioning, the son of Michalis, Gianni, is contactable via website and their active facebook page.



We are pretty sure that the pride and Cretan spirit is still alive and well. There are many interesting museums enlightening the stories of resistance and of struggles and war in Crete – and the history of the Cretan people.

See more about Museums in Heraklion...

In Chania is the Naval Museum of Crete, sitting directly on the water front of the old harbour. This is the place where the Greek flag was raised in 1913 to acknowledge Crete’s union with the motherland Greece. 21 Halidon Street, Chania

In the same location is the Historical Archive of Crete, where an astounding collection of documentation from 1821 to today, including revolutionary archives and private archival collections of Chieftans involved in resistance, as well as Ottoman records and official mail records. 21 Halidon Street, Chania

The Badouvas National Resistance Museum houses history and artefacts from members of the resistance (1491-1945) and their descendents and is located at the corner of Pitsoulakis St & 2 G. Karaiskakis St, Heraklion

Historical and Folklore Museum of Viannos was founded by famous Cretan author John Kondilakis and exhibits agricultural, iron and barber tools, an exhibit dedicated to the author and other cultural historic artefacts. Ano Vianno Village, Heraklion

Eleftherios Venizelos House is located in his birthplace, the village of Mournies, gives honour to one of the most important Greek diplomats and politicians, a man from Crete who became Prime Minister of Greece in 1910 and served three times in that role. More importantly for Crete, he inspired the unification with Greece, creating a peaceful solution by negotiation. Mournies is 4 km south of Chania.

Historical and Folklore Museum of Theriso, in this village which formed the seat of the Cretan resistance of 1905, led by Venizelos. Theriso Village, Chania

The Theriso National Resistance Museum is also located in this village which is only a short drive from Chania through the beautiful Theriso Gorge, 16 km south east of Chania town in the west of Crete.

Anagnostis Skalidis Museum in the hills of Chania houses a collection about a significant resistance fighter and chieftan, built and presented by his grand children. Perivolia Village, Chania

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