Upcoming visit to Crete... Into Heraklion and out of Chania

We are looking forward to an upcoming visit to Greece and Croatia. We wish we had more time but realize that we have to limit our choices among the many things that are available to see. We have decided to ferry from Santorini to Crete on Sat. Jun 11 and depart via air on Tues. Jun 14.

For our stay on Crete we are thinking about the following schedule. Can you please advise us on your thoughts as your feedback to travelers has been terrific.

11 June - Arrive Heraklion rent car and travel to Knossos and Archanes - stay overnight somewhere

12 June - Drive to Chania visiting beaches and towns on the way (perhaps Agia Pelagia and Rethymnon) stay in Chania old town

13 June - Day boat trip to a south west beach perhaps Elafonisi Beach

14 June - Depart Chania for Croatia

We are worried that even this is too much and we should take something out to have more time to just explore Chania or local Chania beaches instead of Elafonisi boat trip. Any thoughts?

Thank you for your help and suggestions.


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