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Travelling the Chania Region, Crete

by Alizée
(Québec, Canada)

Hello, we are a young couple coming to visit Crete from the 6th to the 13th of June.

We are landing and leaving from the Chania airport. We land late at night on the 6th and are planning on going to Heraklion for the next day and sleeping in Heraklion that night.

Then we had planned visiting Rethymnon the day after that. And finally heading back to Chania area for the rest of the trip. We were thinking of renting a quad bike to travel the Chania region.

Do you think this is a good itineray? And is it possible to get to the various sightseeing spots in the Chania region by quad?

Thank you sooooo much for answering. Your website is amazing!

Alizée + Patrick

Your Holiday in Crete

Hi Alizée, yes this sounds like a good itinerary, let's see it day by day below...we have made accommodation suggestions below for you to consider. We suggest you visit the site of Knossos Palace when you are in Heraklion.

Day One – 6th June
Arrive Chania Airport (late)
Taxi to Chania
Stay Chania
Stay Old Town
Stay Villa Venezia

Day Two – 7th June
Bus Chania to Heraklion 145 km (this bus goes via Rethymnon)
Visit Knossos, museum and Heraklion town
Stay Heraklion
Stay Mirabello Hotel (budget) or Lato Hotel (mid range)

Day Three – 8th June
Bus Heraklion to Rethymnon 82 km
Explore Old Town of Rethymnon
Stay Old Town
Stay Hotel Afroditi (budget) or Avli Lounge Apartments (luxury)

Day Four – 9th June
Bus Rethymnon to Chania 60 km
Explore Old Town of Chania
Stay Chania
Stay Old Town
Stay Madonna Studios

Day Five – 10 June
Stay Chania

Day Six – 11th June
Stay Chania

Day Seven – 12th June
Stay Chania

Day Eight – 13th June
Stay Chania
Depart Chania Airport

In this way you will be able to relax in Chania on your first night there and perhaps enjoy breakfast there, then make your way over to Heraklion, see Knossos and the Museum and then relax again in Chania before flying out.

We always suggest you arrive early to Knossos to avoid the crowds and leave at least 2 hours for the visit. If possible, take a break for lunch before entering the Archaeological Museum as there is a lot of history to take in. Leave at least 2 hours for the museum as well. There is a lot to see in Heraklion, but these two are the priorities if you have only a short stay in Crete.

Information pages you may need for this itinerary are:

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Heraklion Town

Heraklion Accommodation - our suggestions

Knossos Palace - our tips

Kalo Taxidi! Bon Voyage!

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