Traveling Heraklion to West Crete

by Ms Diane


We will be flying into the airport in Heraklion mid-morning in July and leaving from that airport mid-morning, 7 days later.

So we have 7 days and 6 nights in Crete. We plan to rent a car at the airport. I have put together an itinerary for my family (2 adults and 2 teens).

Could you please give me advice?

Day 1 - arrive mid-morning at Heraklion airport and drive to Knossos to explore. Drive to Rethymnon that afternoon to explore and stay overnight in Rethymnon.

Day 2 - Drive to Chania and explore Chania, go to Falasarna Beach and stay in Chania

Day 3 - take a one day tour from Chania to Balos, stay in Chania

Day 4 - drive to Elafonisi Beach and stay in Paleochora?

Day 5 - go to the Samaria Gorge or do that on Day 4?

Day 6 - drive to Archanes and sleep the night there

Day 7 - fly out of Heraklion mid-morning

Thank you so much for any advice that you can offer and any advice about accommodation for a family of four!

West Crete Itinerary - Old Towns and Beaches

Hi Diane,

You itinerary sounds marvellous. We have simply added notes and suggestions to your itinerary below. We have provided options on accommodation, to choose according to your budget. You have a wonderful trip planned and we trust you will enjoy it and will love getting to know Kriti.

Day 1
Arrive mid-morning at Heraklion airport
Pick up hire car
Drive to Knossos 7 km. Allow 2 hours to explore
Drive to Rethymnon (81 km) that afternoon to explore and stay overnight in Rethymnon
Sounds great, see our mini guide to the west of Crete for an alternative route from Knossos to Rethymnon, a little bit off the beaten track, 145 km.
In Rethymnon stay in the old town
Stay Avli Lounge Apartments (luxury option)

Or Afroditi Hotel (mid range)

Day 2
Drive to Chania 61 km
Explore Chania
Visit Falasarna Beach 51 km
Stay in Chania old town
Stay Mama Nena Charming Hotel

Or Helena Hotel (mid range)

Day 3
Take a one day tour from Chania to Balos Lagoon
Stay in Chania Old Town

Day 4
Take a one day tour from Chania to Samaria Gorge
Stay in Chania Old Town

Day 5
Drive to Elafonisi Beach 134 km return
Stay in country guesthouse near Kissamos – Kaliviani Traditional Hotel

Day 6-
Drive to Archanes 175 km direct
Choose to visit on way:
• Georgioupoli Beach with little chapel
• Lake Kournas
• Agreco Traditional Farm
• Agia Pelagia Beach for a final swim
Stay Archanes Village
Stay Archontiko Studio

Day 7
Drive Archanes to Heraklion Airport 16 km
Drop off hire car
Fly out of Heraklion mid morning

Dear Diane,

We have listed below some info pages you might find useful, it seems you may have found many of them on our site already.

Bon Voyage! Kalo Taxidi!

Knossos Palace

Mini Guide to West of Crete

Rethymnon Town

Rethymnon Accom

Chania Town

Chania Accom

Falasarna Beach

Day Tours

Elafonisi Beach

Georgioupolis Beach

Lake Kournas

Rural Accom Chania

Agreco Farm

Agia Pelagia Beach

Archanes Village

Bon Voyage! Kalo Taxidi!

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