The Life of Greece in Doors

by Vita
(Vilnius, Lithuania)

Blue and White

Blue and White

Vita from Lithuania says:

"It's amazing how many stories you can find in the doors of Greece..."

Vita has shared these four lovely photos of Greek doors for us to enjoy.

I love these small white villages with humble doors surrounded by walls painted with asvesti.

Asvesti is known in English as quicklime, lime, whitewash or calcium and is a really thick covering for earth brick walls, filling in holes and killing off insects, blocking any nesting holes and generally tidying up the walls of the house. You can buy bags of the lime (asvesti) from the local hardware shop. In smaller towns, this might be somewhere like the general store or the local petrol station.

Those white washed walls with a green grape vine hanging over them - ahh such an elemental image of Greece. This could have been taken in a taverna, we love the old wood and the mirror, giving that expansive feeling to the courtyard.

Vita's third image is a beautiful balcony overlooking the sea with the ochre-coloured walls and dark wood all around. It looks like this view is of Santorini. Such a magnificent light and clarity on the blue, blue of the Med!

The exposed stone wall with the good old-fashioned door curtain, so natural and simple and functional.

A door, mia porta. What exactly lies beyond the house’s door in Kriti? The laneways worn down by the feet of donkeys and humans alike, curve seemingly with no pattern or planning through the village; meandering as if they were made by people who were not in a hurry to get to their destination.

And where exactly do these laneways lead us? Who is to say. Out of the thickly white-washed walls open not just doors, but people's very lives to us; for no door is ever truly closed in Crete. There is always a parea behind a door in the village, catching up simply because they enjoy each-other’s company.

Doors are often open to strangers, and it is the home, the hospitality and cuisine and the very big hearts of the Cretan people that are, in fact, open to you. And the bottles of Tsikoudia. The door is just a trivial icon, a mere symbol of where to find these hives of conversation, music and kefi.

How often will you meet a Cretan in the lane-way of their village? When you both strike up a conversation - perhaps about the olives, the weather, the price of petrol - and before you know it

Ela, tha vengerisete sto thiko mas apopse!

'Come, share in my hospitality tonight!’.

They may be hundreds of years old, they may not have been painted for decades, but do not be deceived, for stepping beyond the door's threshold is to step into another world, into a life worth living.

by Apostolis - We Love Crete

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