My Day in the Gorge

by Annie

It’s been over 40 years since I walked the Samaria Gorge with my then hubby. I don’t think we knew what we were about to do!

But I’ve never forgotten that day. The climb down into the gorge was a narrow path with drops at the side, there were little goats jumping around.

I’m scared of heights, but I persevered. My hubby disappeared, my legs wobbled and I sweated buckets. But I did it!

Once at the bottom, the walk became easier, we stopped at a ruined village to eat, then made our way through the gorge, it was a very hot day, in july. We passed through narrow areas with huge cliffs, steadily we made our way to the other side. The walk was enjoyable, and I’ve often wanted to repeat my experience. The little village was so remote and lovely, and there was the welcoming sea to cool down.

Going back on the ferry, I remember the large black cliffs. It was a wonderful day. If you do fear heights it might not be for you, but I was scared and I did it! Maybe I’ll get to go again, one day.

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