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Is two weeks too long for honeymoon on Crete?

by Peter
(San Bernadino, CA)

I'm planning my honeymoon, and we have about 2 weeks to play with. I want something relaxing, but also interesting with museums and culture, and was thinking of spending most of it on Crete. Also, on our way back to the US, we would catch a couple days in Athens.

Is that too long on Crete? Should I be checking out other places or islands in Greece instead of spending it all on Crete? Thanks!

Two Weeks for a Crete Honeymoon

Hi Peter,

Of course we are biased, however on balance, after travelling all the way from the US, you would want to relax a little and stay most of your time in Crete, with a stopover in Athens.

Perhaps you could take the very fast ferries to Santorini (Thira)... and then take the ferry or flight to Athens. We recommend at least 2 nights in Athens on your arrival or return...

In Crete you could stay half the time in the west of the island and half in the east, or choose to stay in the centre and explore both east and west.

Of course, there is no ideal time to stay on Crete, however in 10 days one can do it justice and see most regions. We always suggest to hire a car so that you can see the back roads, it is a large island 260 x 60 km so there is lots to explore...

Please see our suggestions for a journey in west Crete...

Also see our page about honeymoons...

Bon Voyage! Happy Travels! by Katia from We Love Crete

How lucky you are! Honeymoon on Crete!

I don't think, that 2 weeks are too long for this big Island! There is so much to do, too see, to enjoy! If you know the right places....

Maybe you can interrupt Crete and spend 2 or 3 days on Santorini, this is so beautiful, too, that it makes me goose-boms, when I remember me.... - go there by ship its not so far!
And do you know, where you will stay on Crete?

Try to spend a few days at Stellas Appartments in Kato Zakros - there is a reason, that she calls it "nothing closer to paradise" ;-)

And around this place you will find a lot to do and to see.

I envy you for this honeymoon! But we will be back on Crete in 7 weeks, too - I'm looking forward.

Have a good time! Always!
Elisabeth from Bavaria

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