I Love Crete

by Gerda

I love Crete because of all the lovely walks I can take in Crete.

Why do you not make it a little easier for tourists to find these routes? And a little signposting would not hurt either.

Thank God for the Sunflower walking guides! I think Crete has a lot of potential for becoming a destination for enthusiastic walkers!

Comment from We Love Crete:

Hi Gerda,

Thanks for sharing your love of Crete here on our website.

Yes, we love walking in Crete too! Yes, we agree many more people could enjoy this too!

We suggest the Sunflower maps or the Anavasi Maps...and will tell anyone that can hear us about better signposts.

We hope you come back soon and walk in Kriti, Gerda.

Walking in Crete

It also makes it a great adventure for walking in Crete...along the E4 European Walking Path. This is a long path that takes walkers through some of the most rugged and beautiful parts of the island, along paths for 320 km.

If you would like to take a shorter walk, perhaps contact the Happy Walkers in Rethymnon who take daily walks in the country around that area.

If you would like a guide across the White Mountains or Lefka Ori, contact Aori Walks who take long walks across the high peaks, with magnificent views and adventure.

Our mountains and gorges in Crete extend across the island with many different paths to explore.

There are many gorges including the famous Samaria Gorge that is 16 km from north to south, located in Chania prefecture. Just as beautiful with less visitors is Agia Irini Gorge, also in Chania in the west of Crete.

Walking in the east of Crete is great too, especially because much of the east is undiscovered or not as well known as the west, so you can explore the hills and rocky ravines with plenty of peace and quiet, far from crazy tourists, only serious walkers here. Try the Ha Gorge or Mount Dikti, visit the ‘Paths of the Dead’ in Zakros Gorge and see Butterfly Gorge, Pefkas Gorge and the Selakano Forest. Visit the palm forest at Vai with the largest natural palm forest in Europe made up of the Cretan Date Palm Phoenix theophrasti.

We Love Crete and we are glad to hear from people who love Crete too!

Write to us on this submission form, or our contact us page or our facebook page...

See you in Kriti!

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