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Honeymoon in Crete (5 nights)

by Sherry
(United States)

Hi, My fiance and I are looking to come to Greece for our honeymoon. We plan to stay a total of 10-14 nights depending on our budget.

We are thinking of 4, or 5 nights in both Crete and Santorini. Crete looks beautiful, however I see that it is quite large, so we need to choose the area we stay in wisely.

We want a combination of being able to relax and also have the option of some sightseeing. We both love history, so would love to see some historic sites the island may have to offer and also would love to be close to a town to explore.

I love quaint towns and enjoy walking the streets, looking in small shops and stopping to enjoy a glass of wine etc.

Since it is our honeymoon, we also want some time to enjoy our hotel and it's surroundings. We'd like our hotel to be on the water, so that we can relax and enjoy the hotel, pool and beach. We are hoping for more luxury accommodations, since your honeymoon only comes around once!

We don't have a huge budget, but do want to stay somewhere special. Neither one of us has been to Greece, so any recommendations are welcome.

We pretty much realize that 5 nights is only enough time to see some of Crete. We don't want to rush around trying to squeeze everything in and would rather see a couple top sites and mainly just enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

I appreciate any help and recommendations!

Ideas for a Special Honeymoon in Crete

Wow, you will sure have a wonderful and memorable honeymoon in Greece! Lets see - here are some ideas which we hope will help your trip planning

Option One

You could base yourself in Elounda in the east of the island. This is a aethetically beautiful bay and coastline, with a cosmopolitan seaside village.

This would mean you are only 11 km from Agios Nikolaos which is a pretty and interesting Greek seaside town. Elounda has many different luxury resorts to choose from, which will allow you to enjoy your honeymoon in exquisite surroundings by the water.

From there you could easily visit the palace of Knossos on a day tour, also Spinalonga island and Dikti Cave and Dikti Mountains and the Lasithi plateau. You could also visit the mountain village of Kritsa.

This location is also not too far from Heraklion, where you need to take the ferry to or from Santorini.

In Elounda we suggest the following accommodation with different budgets in mind:

Blue Palace Spa & Resort

Elounda Beach Resort

Elounda Palm Hotel

Information pages you might need for this option:

Elounda Beach

Elounda Village

Agios Nikolaos



Dikti Mountains

Lasithi Plateau


Crete to Santorini

Option Two

You could base yourselves in the very centre of the island at the Creta Palace and Elixir Spa near Rethymnon. This is a sumptuous resort that will represent very special memories of your honeymoon for years and years.

From this location you can explore the narrow laneways of the old town of Rethymnon.

You could also explore inland villages like Margarites, the Arkadi monastery or visit other beaches on the north or south coast. Take a day trip to Agia Fotini, Preveli or Frangokastello beaches, or Samaria Gorge.

This is also a comfortable distance from which to visit the palace of Knossos and depart or arrive from Heraklion port.

Also close by is the organic farm of Creta Palace, named Agreco Farm, it is beautiful and known for its fabulous food.

Creta Palace and Elixir Spa

Information pages you might need for option 2 below:


Agreco Farm

Margarites Village

Arkadi Monastery

Knossos Palace

Tips for Knossos

Agia Fotini

Preveli Beach


Samaria Gorge

Santorini Accommodation

Kalo Taxidi! Bon Voyage!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for your helpful comments and suggestions!

We love the idea of staying in Elounda. The beaches sound lovely and Agios Nikolaos so close would be fun to explore. I love the look of Blue Palace Spa and Resort, but after looking at it unfortunately it may be too expensive. Are there any other hotels in this area that are less expensive, but still full of charm?

Or are there any tricks to catching specials for some of these luxury hotels?

We are traveling to Athens, Santorini and Crete and are trying to figure out if booking everything through an agency would be more cost affective, or trying to book all our hotels and transfers on our own would save money. If anyone has helpful hints I'd love to hear!

Athens Santorini and Crete Hotels

Hi Sherry,

Yes there are many other good resorts in Elounda with various prices. Please see the following pages that list many affordable options:

Hotels in Elounda

Resorts in Elounda

In answer to your question the best prices we find are on the hotel comparison sites, the links above will take you to Hotels Combined which searches across the whole of the web and brings back the best prices.

In regards to your question about agencies, I guess it is a personal preference. Perhaps email your itinerary outline to three local travel agencies and ask them to quote you. You may find some wonderful deals. See if they can do better than you can!

Also agencies come in very handy if you have any interruption to your journey such as a cancelled flight, they can usually fix it with one phone call, whereas if you are managing your own travel you have to change all the bookings yourself. Just something to think about.

We have some accommodation suggestions in Athens and Santorini below to suit many budgets:

Athens Accommodation

Santorini Accommodation

Athens Airport Accommodation

Kalo Taxidi! Bon Voyage! by Katia from We Love Crete

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