Hiking Mount Giouchtas

by Marina
(Toronto, Canada)


You have a wonderful website with a lot of interesting and useful info.

I am a solo traveler from Canada and it's my third time in Greece and first one to Crete. I will be in Crete from about Oct 10 (ferry from another island, probably Naxos or Ios) to Oct 19. I arrive to Heraklion port and leave Heraklion airport. I intend to rent a car. I will be staying in Heraklion and area and want to explore east side of the island.

I am very interested in hiking (especially Mt. Yuktas) but would like to join an established group. On your website I found your recommendation of this club www.eos-her.gr. Do you have any other recommendations?

Thanks in advance,

Hiking Mount Giouchtas

Yiasas Marina,

Yes, this is a sacred mountain and a beautiful walk, not too long. There are various different ways to spell this name, which may help you find what you are looking for:

Giouchtas, Jiouchtas, Yuktas, Juktas etc. The closest to the Greek Giouchtas is because it is complicated to translate: Γιούχτας

Another tour company offering trips to hike on Mount Jiouchtas is Green Tour

You could also find a trip with Tours by Locals

You could also enlist the services of a private guide – here is a professional guide on our website: https://www.we-love-crete.com/private-tour-guide-in-crete.html

Would you some other tips for your trip and an itinerary from October 10-19?

Naste kala
The We Love Crete team

Hiking Mount Giouchtas & Minoan Crete

Dear We Love Crete team,

Thank you very much for the information you provided. I have contacted the Green Tour company to check if they have any tours to Mt. Giouchtas during my stay. If not, I will continue with my search. The private tours, considering I travel alone, are a bit pricey for me. :)

My interests lie in the area of Greek Mythology and Minoan Crete, hence my desire for Mt. Giouchtas hike. Obviously, there are many other places in Crete to satisfy my interests.

Your website provides a trove of information and very helpful. I am glad I discovered it.

Thanks again,

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