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Beautiful Doors of Greece

Here we share some of the most beautiful images of Greek houses, with a focus on the poetic imagery of doors and doorways.

Many of these doors are blue, reflecting the shimmering, bright and simultaneously deep blue of the Mediterranean.

Some of these Greek homes are homely and welcoming, you just know when you enter you will receive great hospitality and a cup of coffee. Some are stunningly located, some are romantic; all of these images capture the imagination.

This Greek architecture is all about human scale homes...

Blue Door, Crete (image by Romtomtom)Blue Door, Crete, Greece

Blue Door Vori CreteBlue Door, Vori Crete

Blue Door, Santorini, GreeceBlue Door, Santorini, Greece

Door, Mykonos, Greece by Lee CannonDoor, Mykonos, Greece

Door, Kardamyli, Greece by ByrdiegyrlDoor, Kardamyli, Greece

Greek Houses

A spray of bougainvillea dresses the doorway, or a plant pot, an archway of stone or ironwork.

Houses of stone, white-washed or natural, doors of old wood or freshly painted new wood, doors quietly beckoning us. Some doors which have seen better days, they may have stories to tell...

These special moments in time invite us to walk through the doorways and experience the lives which are lived behind these Hydra or Mykonos or stunning Santorini, as you wander exploring the laneways of Greece, you will find such doorways, ideally proportioned, beautiful homes showing the spirit and character of Greece.

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Rethymnon, Crete

Rethymnon in Crete has many beautiful doorways complete with ironwork and ornate architectural features (above) such as arched or straight lintels, and examples of Italian renaissance columns such as the Corinthian, Ionic, Doric, Compound and Tuscan.

In Arkadiou Street of the Rethymnon Old Town, you will find many fine examples of this architecture, some beautifully restored and fully functional, some like the one at 25 Radamanthyos Street, falling down in decay.

More on the Doors of Crete...

Doorway to Veneto restaurant in Rethymnon

Venetian doorway in Chania, Crete

Old Door, Chania CreteOld Door, Chania Crete

Getting Here

Get to Crete by regular flight from Athens with Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines, with a flight duration of only one hour.

Arrive into Chania or Heraklion ports from Pireaus port of Athens with daily ferries, the trip duration varies between 6-9 hours.

Arrive into Heraklion from Santorini on local ferries, duration varies between 2-6 hours.

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