Four Extra Nights in Crete After Culinary Trip

by Jet

Hi, my friends and I will be spending a week at the Thalori Resort for a culinary trip called Savoring Crete. The week will be packed with cooking and many excursions.

We are extending the trip 4 extra nights and would appreciate your advice on how to spend those extra days.

We would prefer to stay in one location with possible day trips.

The following areas have been recommended for our extra nights, but we are having a difficult time choosing between Chania, Rethymnon (which we will be visiting during our culinary tour) and Agios Nikolaos.

Also, which area would you choose if we were mainly interested in down time and relaxing at the beach or doing some hiking? Should we stay at the Thalori Resort and do a Chania day trip from there?

Or day trip to the other area mentioned? Are we close to Elafonissi Beach, Samaria Gorge or Balos Lagoon from any of these areas?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Explore, Hike & Relax

Hi Jet,

Your trip sounds wonderful. We will give a few options for your extra nights below.

The Thalori Resort is located in Kapetaniana village in the central south of the island, 62 km from Heraklion.

Chania is a medium-sized town with a very pretty Venetian harbour and an interesting historic old town by the harbour, and many museums to visit, and close to nice beaches. Chania is located in the north-west of the island and is closest to Elafonisi, Samaria and Balos. You can arrange a day tour to each of these places to pick up and drop off to a hotel in Chania. It is 160 km from Thalori Resort.

Rethymnon meets that description, it is located in the central west of the island, on the north coast and is also surrounded by beautiful beaches. From here you can arrange day trips to any of your chosen destinations. Rethymnon has beautiful Venetian architecture and a wealth of history in its narrow winding streets. It is 100 km from Thalori Resort.

Agios Nikolaos is on the north-east coast of the island and is capital of the eastern prefecture, Lasithi. It is a lovely modern town with a lake and harbour, with many beautiful beaches and a cosmopolitan feel. Choose it to see other parts of the island. It is 125 km from Thalori Resort.

We think you could stay two nights in Rethymnon, one day to travel there via the beautiful Amari Valley, and then the afternoon to explore the town, the next to do a very full day trip to Balos, Elafonisi or Samaria. After all your cooking (and eating) you might appreciate the hike of Samaria!

Then we suggest heading to the south coast of Rethymnon for 2 more nights of pure relaxation right on the beach at Plakias. It is only 36 kms from Rethymnon town to this wonderful beach. We suggest accommodation at Plakias Suites or Akti Damnioni, right by the beach.

So your itinerary would look like this:

Day One
Travel from Kapetaniana village to Rethymnon town 100 km
Lunch in Rethymnon
Explore the old town
Stay Rethymnon
Stay Casa Moazzo

Day Two
Day trip to Balos, Elafonisi or Samaria
Stay Rethymnon
Stay Casa Moazzo

Day Three
Travel from Rethymnon to Plakias 36 km
Lunch by the beach
Relaxing at beach
Stay Plakias
Stay Plakias Suites

Day Four
Relaxing at beach

Bon Voyage! Kalo Taxidi!

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