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by Elaine

Hi, we will be spending 4 weeks in Crete at the end of August.

We are looking at varying our travel and wondered if it possible to get a ferry from Heraklion to Rethymnon?

Heraklion to Rethymnon &
South Coast Ferry Options

Hi Elaine,

No, there is no ferry for this route, you will need to find land transport. You can get a local bus or a taxi or a pre-booked transfer.

The distance from Heraklion town to Rethymnon town is 80 km. On the bus it takes about an hour and a half and the trip costs €8.30

KTEL Bus Timetables Crete

In a taxi it takes around one hour and price is approx €81.00

Also you could pre-book a transfer:

Pre-book a taxi transfer in Crete...

See more about Getting Around in Crete...

Ferry Trip in the South of Crete
As you have four weeks, you could consider a very interesting alternative trip in the south of Crete, using ferries. In this way you will get to see some small seaside villages that are accessible only by walking or ferry, and take some relaxing days by the beautiful beaches there.

If you generally travel in a west to east direction, you could start at Paleochora on the south-west coast and travel by ferry to Sougia, Agia Roumeli, Loutro and Chora Sfakion, where you could take a local bus to Chania or Rethymnon to continue your journey.

In this way, you also have the chance to visit the beautiful remote island of Gavdos, south of Crete. We have included this as a day trip below, yet you may want to stay overnight there also.

Your itinerary for this part of the journey would be similar to the one we have prepared below; you can of course choose how many nights to stay in each village.

July and August are high summer season.

As you will be travelling in August, everything will be running at full service schedules as this is summer season. In shoulder and low season, of course in winter, it is a lot colder and the services are reduced. Always check the schedules for the correct date before departing.

We have included mid-priced accommodation suggestions for this trip. Accommodation in July and August can be quite hard to find in these small villages, so it pays to book ahead. In shoulder season and low season, this is not the case and you will be able to take a more relaxed view towards accommodation. Having said that, if there is a particular guesthouse or rooms you would prefer, book ahead in shoulder season, so that you are not disappointed.

Day One
Arrive Paleochora
Stay Aris Hotel
Aris Hotel

Day Two
Day Trip to Elafonisi Beach
Day Trip to Gavdos Island
See Maria at Selino Travel in Paleochora
Stay Paleochora
Stay Aris Hotel
Aris Hotel

Day Three
Take the Ferry from Paleochora to Sougia, departs at 8.30am, duration 40 mins €9 per adult
Walk to Sougia, 14.5 km, duration 6 hours
Stay Sougia
Stay Santa Irene Rooms
Santa Irene Rooms

Day Four
Take the Ferry from Sougia to Agia Roumeli, departs at 9.00 am, duration 40 mins, €9 per adult
Stay Agia Roumeli
Stay at Agia Roumeli Hotel
Agia Roumeli Hotel

Day Five
Walk the Samaria Gorge
Stay Agia Roumeli
Stay at Agia Roumeli Hotel
Agia Roumeli Hotel

Day Six
Take the ferry from Agia Roumeli to Loutro, departs at 8.30, duration 40 mins, €6 per adult
Take the ferry from Agia Roumeli to Chora Sfakion, departs at 8.30 am, duration one hour or so
Go directly to Chania or Rethymnon on the bus
Walk to Loutro, 13 km, duration 5 hours
If Stay Loutro
Stay Villa Niki
Villa Niki

Day Seven
Take the ferry from Loutro to Chora Sfakion, departs at 9.30, duration 20 mins, €5 per adult
Take the bus to Chania or Rethymnon

The company that runs ferries on this route is called Anendyk and their website has all the details that you need to plan a journey in south-west Crete: www.anendyk.gr

Taxi boat services are also available in every port at your own convenience.

Information for this itinerary:

Paleochora... (includes Gavdos Island)
Agia Roumeli...
See more about Samaria Gorge here...
Chora Sfakion...also known as Sfakia

The walking paths noted above are part of the E4 European Walking Path in Crete...

So, there you have a completely different idea for alternating your travel styles and exploring the beautiful, remote southern beaches of Crete!

Kalo Taxidi! Bon Voyage!

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