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Elafonisi or Falasarna Beach in April

by AT V

Dear we-love-crete,

Thank you for your lovely and informative website.

We are going to Crete from 12 to 17 April, and we really want to see some Cretan beaches, especially Elafonisi and Falasarna beaches.

It seems to us that there will be no bus to those beaches in April. And we can't drive :(.

I found some day tours there, but the price differs a lot. Do you have any idea about the tours? or another way (cheaper ^^) to get there? Is it better to stay in Chania or Kissamos to have more choices?

Thank you very much for your kind answer.

Visiting West Crete in April

We are so glad you enjoy the website.

April is a lovely time to travel because it is spring and also because it is before the main busy season. For this you may have to compromise some of the services, but enjoy the space and quiet.

In regards to the local buses, they do not run to Elafonisi at that time. Remember there is no settlement at that place, just a beautiful natural beach. This is what KTEL says:

Sorry, we don't publish future timetables, because timetables are partly decided according to seasonal demand. Also we don't confirm any timetables for legal reasons.

Please note that summer timetables are not out yet (at the time of writing). There may be more buses in summer. Please revisit our site KTEL Site shortly before your departure for Crete. We are updating our site continuously from April till August.

It is unlikely that Elafonisi is served in April. Anyway there may be no direct connection Kastelli - Elafonissi. You will have to go through Tavronitis and wait there for the bus coming from Chania.

For Chania - Elafonissi please look at the relevant timetable for the relevant season.

The tours also do not run in April, they commence in May. We can suggest you stay in Kissamos and visit Falasarna Beach, which is much closer, and also contact Balos Travel on Platia Eleftheriou Venizelou in Kissamos, who will be able to help with all arrangements, and perhaps suggest a way to visit Elafonisi in April.

Alternatively you could hire a car for the day from Kissamos town.

Here is some information that may assist:

Balos Travel on Platia Eleftheriou Venizelou in Kissamos Town

Our Page about Kastelli Kissamos Town...

Kalo Taxidi! Bon Voyage!

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