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Buses to Heraklion

by Rosemary

We will be staying east of Heraklion in Limenas Hersonissou in early October.

Is there a quick, reliable way to get from Limenas to Heraklion so we can see the city and museums?

We assume a taxi will be expensive so prefer to try a bus or similar. Thank you!

Hersonisos to Heraklion by Bus

Yiasas Rosemary,

Yes, the taxi is a little expensive for using it everyday - although you could check out the prices on the internet before you get there. There is a link to do this on our page under the heading 'Taxis in Crete', there is a link that says 'Check prices and pre-book a transfer in Crete' on our Getting Around in Crete page

As for the buses, yes they are cheaper and they are coaches, very comfortable and reliable. They are called KTEL and run frequently to Hersonissos.

See more about the local bus service here...

The exact link to the Hersonissos bus timetable is here

The price shows as 3.80 Euro each way.

These timetables are relevant for April to September, so the services will be a little different in October. They will still be there, just a little fewer buses.

It is best to double check with the driver on your first day, or email your hotel if you really want to know. Either way you can definitely get to and from Iraklion every day to enjoy the sights and museums.

In Heraklion you can visit the following museums:

• Heraklion Archaeological Museum
• Historical and Folklore Museum
• Natural History Museum

and many others. See more about the museums here...

But of course, once in Heraklion, so much can be seen on foot. In fact the fun with a Cretan town like Heraklion are the things you did not intend to find.

Of course, by the harbour you have the Venetian Stores and the Koules Fortress, as well as fish tavernes and many new bars and cafes. Over the years, this part of town has become more beautiful. In fact, in this area we once saw a seller of horta wild greens, selling his fresh greens to the tavernes. Hours earlier, he was on foot, passing a village much further inland. No doubt he collects his greens in the mountains, then walks town by town, with his humongous sack draped over his back, selling to the local restaurants. The miles this man must walk!

25th August Street - while this busy street will have many car rental places and so on, closer to the harbour, further up you will find the haven of Agios Titos church, the Venetian Loggia, and then the Lion Fountain and Square.

Once near the Liondaria the Lion Fountain, you will find yourself in the heart of Heraklion. Sit back and enjoy a coffee and bougatsa traditional pastry dessert, at one of the many cafes. Tell us which cafe served you the best bougatsa, as we have our favourites also, but they are all good and a little bit different.

From here, whether you walk north, south, east, or west, you will be heading to a sight of interest.

Chandakos Street - here you will find quaint boutiques, books shops and travel agents.

Theotokopolou Street - here you will have no shortage of modern cafes and eateries.

1866 Street - Walk into the kedriki agora central markets, where you will find local cheeses, locally roasted coffee, nuts, butchers, honey and handicrafts. Again you will have choices of cafes and eateries. Nearby you will find Agios Minas and the much more humble and quieter Agia Ekaterini Sinaites. This is now a theological museum. We used to like to stop in here and enjoy the peace and quiet, while wondering what these walls have seen over the years.

Daedalou Street - here you can shop till you drop. You will find modern stylish shops and even traditional Cretan CD shops.

Other sights include:

• Kornaros Square and Bembo Fountain
• the Freedom Square
• cafes, bars and restaurants of Koraii

See more about Heraklion here...

Have a great trip...

Kalo Taxidi!

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