Beautiful Vacation Spots in Greece

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The ruins of the sanctuary at Delphi (image by Andrew Baldwin)

Top Tips from We Love Crete

Beautiful Vacation Spots in Greece

Our personalised tips for your Greek adventure!

Beautiful Vacation Spots in Greece

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Athens Greece - Evzones guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Are you travelling to Athens? Or perhaps planning a quick stopover in Athens?

Tips for exploring Athens from Plaka at the base of the Acropolis

Accommodation in Athens - tips on how to choose a hotel, and transit hotels

Day tours get you enjoying Athens without the fuss

  • Perhaps you are stopping over at Athens Airport - transit tips
  • Are you planning an extended stay in Athens? Kifissia is one of the best neighbourhoods; leafy and green, stylish and safe, see our hotel suggestions in this relaxed suburb, perfect for doing business in Athens.
  • A visit to Delphi is easy from Athens - many people choose to ask the oracle to predict their future!

The Island of Crete

We Love Crete - fresh air and wide open spaces

Crete offers some of the best beaches and most wonderful scenery in Greece, we have beach, luxury, rural, mountain and town accommodation suggestions in Crete, as well as villas to choose from. 

Hydra Island

Hydra Island - a beautiful horse shoe shaped bay

Hydra is close to Athens, in the Saronic Islands, a magnificent harbour and a totally different way of life. There are no cars in town, the streets are too narrow. The whitewashed laneways just beg to be explored. Artists discovered Hydra in the 60s and it has been popular ever since.

Syros Island

Syros Ermoupolis Harbour

Syros is a 2.5 hour ferry ride from Athens, located in the centre of the Cycladic Islands. This is a little-known island because it has remained less frequented by international tourists, more Greeks visit here. It maintains its strong character and charm.

There are marvellous beaches in Syros, and it is wonderful to explore the township of Ermoupolis with its fascinating history. From here you can travel all about Greece in any direction, with frequent handy ferry services, and flights too.


Relax in Santorini by choosing a villa away from the hustle bustle and visiting in May or September. We show you highlights and how to get from Crete to Santorini.

Greek Inspirations

Octopus drying by the Med - On the Rope (image by ForsterFoto)

We have many different image galleries of beautiful Greece to soften even the hardest heart, from octopus drying in the sun, wooden fishing boats and Greek cats to simple doorways, you will enjoy these galleries whilst dreaming all about Greece.

Get inspired and drawn to your own special feeling of Greece.

Romantic Mykonos

Mykonos Green Door

Stay near the famous windmills of Mykonos, this has to be one of the most memorable places to stay in the whole of Greece. Enjoy Mykonos Chora with its narrow lane ways and great cafes, shopping and atmosphere.

Skopelos Island

Agios Ioannis Chapel on Skopelos island, Greece

Beautiful Vacation Spots in Greece - the stunning, green, wooded island of Skopelos was the setting for the first Mamma Mia movie of 2008. This beautiful island has so much to offer, stunning beaches and breathtaking scenery.

The wedding scene was filmed her at the Agios Ioannis Chapel (shown above), and this is where Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan sang in the film.

Located in the northern Sporades, between Skiathos and Alonnissos, Skopelos Island is 21 km long and at its widest, 8 km across.

As the island has no airport, you need to get to neighbouring Skiathos island and then take a ferry to either Glossa (Loutraki) or Skopelos Town.

Beautiful Vacation Spots in Greece
Rhodes Island

The stunning village of Lindos on Rhodes

Beautiful Vacation Spots in Greece - visit the UNESCO heritage old town of Rhodes and explore the whole island. This is one of our favourite destinations in Greece:

The village above is located on the east coast of the island just 50 km from the town of Rhodes. Get to this romantic location with a 1 hour flight from Athens. Stay in Lindos village (pictured above) and step back in time among the narrow lane ways. Visit quality beaches in its two sweeping bays, and the ancient acropolis on the top of the peninsula.

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Getting Here

Beautiful Vacation Spots in Greece - arrive here on many flights from Europe and by flying into Athens, the capital of Greece, with airport code ATH.

The main airlines of Greece are Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines. Direct routes into Athens come from major hubs in north America including New York, Chicago and Toronto.

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