Meditation Visit to Crete

by Christina
(Perth, Australia)


What a fantastic site!! I wish you well with this.

I'm really hoping you can help me, I've never been to Crete before and I am bring a small group of meditators with me in May this year.

There won't be more than 7 of us and I am expecting it is going to be a bit of an adventure.

I have booked accommodation at Labyrinth Studios from May 1 to May 8. Not a lot of time, but I can extend it. The thing is I am now realising that to stay in one place might be a bit of a problem so looking for suggestions.

The places we will be focusing on are - Lissos in Chania, Gortys, Knossos, Levina and Phaistos.

And some nice walks and beaches in between as well as enjoy the beauty of the old towns etc.

With a group this size, what is the best way to travel, is it possible to hire a mini van or is there good transport system? Dates are not concrete yet so we are flexible with time frame.

I hope you can help,
Thank you in advance

Meditation in Crete

Hi Christina,

What a wonderful idea – to meditate in different places in Crete. We enjoy meditation too and we suggest that some of the special sites you have chosen will offer you and your group very unique experiences.

Thanks for the compliments on our site and we are glad you like it. Yes, I guess you may need to consider staying in one or two different locations with this itinerary.

Plakias is beautiful, however it is not really close to any of your destinations.

Because of the White Mountains in Chania province, getting around on the south coast is not straight forward. There are a few roads from north to south and no consistent road running along the south coast. This is because of the shape of the land. The best way to travel through there is by ferry. This will probably be the best way to get to Lissos.

You mention Gortys, Knossos, Levina and Phaistos. All of these sites are in Heraklion province and the good news there is that there is a national road that runs from Heraklion town south through the beautiful Messara valley to the south coast and close to all these sites.

So we would suggest staying in Sougia – a delightful small seaside village from which to visit Lissos, then travelling over to Heraklion province and staying in Zaros – a beautiful and tranquil village in the foothills of the Psiloritis mountains, or at Matala on the south coast. Both these villages are very central to the four sites of Gortys, Knossos, Levina and Phaistos.

Christina, if you would like to write to us on our safe contact form we will send you a detailed, day-by-day itinerary suggestion and also the name of someone to help with transport...

Kalo Taxidi! Bon Voyage!

Enjoy Your Time In Crete

Hi Christina,

You will enjoy and love Crete!!! Look forward to the time of your staying there, but what a pity: only such a short time!!!

I have been at Crete at least 15 times, again and again, only last year we cancelled our already booked flights, because of the war across the Libyan Sea - south of Crete.

This summer we'll stay on this island from 4 to 18 June.

I didn't know where the Labyrinth studios are, but now I found it with Google - close to Plakias - one of our favorite places!

The bus-system on Crete is so very well, so that you could do most of your plans by bus. Bus maybe it could make sense to take a bigger car to reach everything. But that, you can decide when you are there and have checked your place.

Have a good time at Crete

Elisabeth - Bavaria - Germany

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