Booking a Ferry from Rhodes to Crete

by Jean


We would like to book a feery on the 17th or 18th from Rhodes to Sitia or Heraklion. But no way to have an information about the schedules and no way to find a internet link to book; do you have more information about that? Thank you

Jean Francois

Booking Online for Ferry from Rhodes to Heraklion

Hi Jean,

Sure, there are online ferry sites but it is tricky to find schedules and booking information, we agree, the websites are gradually getting better but sometimes for trip planning purposes, it is simply easier to pick up the phone to the ferry company or email them to see how their services work in with your schedule, or the other way around.

In April there are reduced services between Rhodes and Crete, definitely not as many ferries running as there would be during summer season – June, July and August. The ANEK services leaves once a week on a Sunday.

There are options to travel from Rhodes to Crete (or return):
• Ferry with Lane Lines
• Ferry with ANEK Lines
• Flight with Minoan Air
• Flight via Athens with Aegean Airlines
• Flight via Athens with Olympic Airlines
• Flight via Karpathos with Olympic Airlines

The website for Lane Lines is and their email address is lane @, their phone number is +30 2810 346185

The website for ANEK Lines is and their email address is customerservice @

See the timetable here...

Consider the flight options as this crossing is very long. The distance between Rhodes and Heraklion is 304 km, this is equal to 189 miles, and 164 nautical miles. The ferry stops at Karpathos and other islands and can take between 11-14 hours.

A flight, which takes less than an hour, may allow you to continue your holiday with more tim e on the islands. Also consider the ferry from Rhodes to Santorini, from there you can find a daily crossing to Crete.

Bon Voyage!

Ferries to Crete

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