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Love-Letters from Crete, Issue #12 -- Crete Travel and Living in Crete.
December 18, 2011

Love Letters From Crete

Yiasas... Ela...Come explore the island of Crete in Greece.

Welcome to our latest edition of Love Letters From Crete

Let's look back over the year...

2011 has been a difficult year for Greece. All the world is watching as the global financial crisis and Greece's economic troubles deepen. The video below is thought-provoking and dispels some myths about Greece and her economy.

In this season of excess, it is best to think of those less fortunate than ourselves, both in Greece and around the world, especially charities who depend on our generosity and are feeling the economic strain upon an already tight budget. We urge you to search your soul and make a donation to one of the worthwhile charities below.

2011 has been a busy year for We Love Crete. We have made many additions and changes to the website. We thank all our loyal readers for their interest, stories, comments and questions. Here are some of the newest pages – informing and welcoming you to Crete and Greece.

Let's look forward to 2012. If you love Crete, and Greece, quick! choose an island for your next holiday! and help Greece move forward!

We send you all the very best of the season, and wish you and your family a wonderful 2012 filled with love, laughter and travel in Crete!

Anastasi, Apostoli & Katia
The We Love Crete Team

Let's Talk About Greece

New pages and info on the website this year:

Plan Your Trip
We often answer trip planning questions in detail. We are more than happy to make suggestions and sort out tricky questions about ferries, what to see and in which order whilst enjoying the island of Crete. Here you will see our many detailed answers with links to relevant information pages. A great help for your own Crete travel plans...

Your Favourite Beach on Crete
Many people have a favourite beach in Crete. Now you can write your story to share on the web with all of our readers of We Love Crete. You can upload your story and your photos too...

Greek Islands
The great thing about Crete is that it is so close to the other beautiful islands of Greece. This year we have added a lot of information for travel in the Greek Islands. Added to our information about Santorini, Kythera and Rhodos are new pages about Syros, Amorgos and Hydra.

Property Greece
many of our readers are falling in love with Crete and Greece and making the move to live full or part-time in Greece. This page tells you what to keep in mind when looking at property in Greece.

Yummy Foods of Crete
We have added information and links for our readers to purchase Cretan foods online, such as olive oil, cookies and coffee.

We Love Crete joined facebook this year and we are so pleased to make new friends online. Of course, if you love our website and Crete, please click the like button and share this information with family, friends and fellow lovers of Crete.

History of Crete
We continue with our commitment to the history of the island and have expanded these pages this year, with new pages about Malia Crete, King Minos, Vritomartis, Gortyna, museums and ancient Olous.

Charity for Disadvantaged Kids
Many of us know how fulfilling and life-affirming a beach holiday can be. Sadly, some kids have never experienced this simple pleasure. Some have never seen the sea. Crete for Life has been providing beach holidays for disadvantaged kids for many years. The results are just so heart-warming; Olimpia and her team need lots of help to keep up this great work.

Sea Turtle Conservation Projects
Mediterranean turtles are some of the most endangered in the world. The Archelon Sea Turtle Protection Society is based in Athens and has been organising volunteer projects in different parts of Greece, including Crete, for many years.

Help The Donkeys
This is a chance to help donkeys who have suffered and the humans who care for them. In beautiful rural Crete, the stories of the donkeys and those helping them will warm your heart and make you want to 'walk with donkeys'.

Suzanne, Alistair and the donkeys can be found near the village of Anatoli in Lassithi, in eastern Crete. This is a real experience of authentic Crete, yet is only minutes away from beautiful beaches and the cosmopolitan town of Agios Nikolaos. This is a small family-run operation and very grass roots (excuse the pun). They can organise accommodation in a nearby village. Donations can be made through the website.

Kids with Cancer
The Sara's Hope Foundation was launched in the summer of 2007. Ged Hoburn writes "It was inspired by our very beautiful daughter Sara, who passed away with a very rare form of colon cancer at the tender age of 16 in 2001. Sara was such a lovely and warm hearted person who could light up the room with her radiant smile and glowing personality". Eight families were able to enjoy Cretan hospitality and a much needed holiday this year. Donations can be made through the website,

Plant Your Roots in Greece
Plant Your Roots In Greece is a program actively involved in reforestation all over Greece, including Crete. Especially after fires of Summer 2007, miles of precious forests and habitat have been lost. We need to replant now and recreate the forests of the future. 'Plant Your Roots in Greece' is a dedicated charity which commenced in 1991. Donate via their website, with a lot of more information about the good work they do.

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