Love Letters From Crete

Yiasas... Ela...Come explore the island of Crete in Greece.

Welcome to our latest edition of Love Letters From Crete

We have been busy creating many new pages for your information, entertainment and for making travel to Crete and Greece easier.

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Its great to see your stories and pictures of your favourite beach in Crete, add yours with our easy to use form...

We have information about our local bus service in Crete, cheap charter flights from the UK and Heraklion Airport.

We have updated our Food Pages now you can find quality Cretan food online…

We have updated our history pages with more about the Minoan Palace at Malia, King Minos, the Goddess Vritomartis and the more on the Palace of Knossos.

Poetic images of Greece - the beautiful Greek wooden fishing boatshave been added to a new image gallery.

For our readers who have been falling in love with Crete and Greece and looking to move here, we have put together a Living In Crete page with handy information.

There is a fantastic two week intensive Greek language course about to commence in Nafplion, run by the fun team at Omilo, see our Greek Language page.

Love is in the air – we have recently published a handy guide for Honeymoons in Crete, hey, how about a romantic getaway, who needs a wedding?!

In the south of Crete are many lovely surprises, the seaside taverna at Agia Fotini is one of those delicious treats; quiet and private...

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Your Favourite Beach in Crete -see others' stories and comment

Living In Crete

Living In Crete

Learning Greek in Crete & Greece

Travel in Crete

Capital of Crete – Heraklion with a great new video

Cheap Charter Flights to Crete from the British Iles

Crete Airport at Heraklion

Crete Bus Service

Tourism Information

Food of Crete

Buy Gourmet Foods from Crete Online

Agia Fotini – Seaside Taverna

Buy Olive Oil Online

History of Crete

The Archaeological Site of Gortyna

Vritomartis – Goddess of the Sea

King Minos

Malia Crete

Arkadi – Story of Rebellion

Greek Wooden Fishing Boats

Image Gallery for the Romantics